Summer Fruits at the Market

If the sunshine and high temperatures haven’t yet convinced you that summer is here, the appearance of cherries and berries should do the trick. Time to get your Summer fruits on.

This Wednesday’s market in Fairhaven was bursting with color. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and apricots are all ripe and ready for our tables. (Warning: tasty berries are addictive. You might find that you eat them all before you make it home).

Two thoughts struck me when observing this week’s selection. First, I wondered which farms offer u-pick opportunities. Picking your own berries can be a fun family activity. For me, seeing the land that produces such sweet gems, and working in the sun amid the vines and bushes gives me the chance to appreciate the hard work that others put into caring for the plants and harvesting the fruits that we see at the market. This in mind I asked around the market and found that several farms do indeed invite visitors for u-picking. Among them, Spring Frog Farm (raspberries), Cleaarian Farm (blueberries), and Bow Hill Blueberries. (This isn’t an exclusive list, so check with your favorite vendor to see if they offer u-pick).

My second thought was, “APRICOTS!” I eagerly await the arrival of apricots each year. Not counting those I eat right away out of hand, the first thing I do with them is make a salad: apricots, almonds, feta, watercress. Maybe I’ll toss in some oil-cured black olives. Or maybe I’ll use butter lettuce instead of watercress. Purslane might be a good choice too. Anyway, the variations have all been good. If you want a firm recipe to start with, try this one. If, like me, you’d rather skip the chicken, know that this salad is plenty delicious if you leave it off (add more almonds if your tastes tend to the nutty side of things). Apricots and almonds are close relatives and their flavors nicely complement one another in this salad.

Don’t miss out on your Summer Fruits and Berries – Enjoy!

Submitted by Chelsey Erway, Volunteer